Swimming Against the Tide – Webinar

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 has changed a lot about the way we live, work and interact and whilst Webinars are by no means new.  They are to Dye & Co. Pty Ltd.

When we usually would be holding a face-to-face symposium in August, Victoria was experiencing one of the worlds hardest lockdowns to combat the second wave.

In October when we would ordinarily be organising our November De-Stress we instead heralded in our very first Webinar supported by some amazing presenters, details below.  The Webinar had an amazing response in terms of registration and attendance, it may not be our last.

For those of you that wish to relive it, missed it or just want to glean some of the information from speific presenters please find the full webinar or the individual presentations in the links to our Youtube channel below:

Full Webinar – Swimming Against the Tide – https://youtu.be/4UmObHK-qWI

Individual presentations:

Olga Koskie – Tax Assure – Getting Positive Outcomes from Tax Debt – https://youtu.be/czO8q5fango

Tony Eldred – Eldred Hospitality – Hospitality Challenges for Recovery – https://youtu.be/yt9cCmqFf4w

Stephen Mitchell – Oak Capital – Alternative Funding Options in a COVID world – https://youtu.be/4HA0U31ysyA

Luke Egan – Aster Alliance – The future of liquidity and payments in the Development and Building sector – https://youtu.be/564qJ0AIuFk

Arthur Athanasopoulos – Cashflow Finance – Quick Wins to Help SME’s steer through COVID-19 – https://youtu.be/5LGLakZ6cPw

Nick Giasoumi – Dye & Co. – Resolving FInancial Distress – Safe Harbour, Deed of Company Arrangement and Small Business Reforms –  https://youtu.be/WOfHOo-68_U

Shane Deane – Dye & Co. – Welcome Introduction & Andrew Knowles and Martin Lakos – Macquarie Group – Market Update – https://youtu.be/oD1WA69_LDY