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Seeing your business fail to thrive, suffer a down turn or undergo serious financial difficulties is distressing.

It is common for people to think that administration or liquidation is their only option. In certain circumstances and after a certain point this may be the case.

Our experience tells us that engaging specialist advisors that are not caught up in the politics and emotion of running your business allows our directors to provide clear, concise and creative solutions to your financial difficulties allowing you to focus on your business rather than reacting to its pressures. Our directors can provide tailored business turnaround management advice and services specific to the needs of your business and industry. Our directors will work closely with you providing the best possible advice and service to:

  • Analyse the current status of your company
  • Pinpoint areas that require immediate action
  • Identify areas that will benefit from longer term strategic change
  • Help put a business plan in place to secure long term growth and sustainability
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The skills required to analyse why a business is not flourishing or is likely to fail are very different from the skills it takes to run a company day to day.

That’s why you can get so much benefit from consulting with Dye & Co. Our experience and knowledge helps you see the business clearly and can address every aspect including (but not limited to):

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational issues
  • Market position and competitor analysis
  • Cash flow issues
  • Structural issues such as growth planning and succession planning
  • Performance management and staffing issues
  • Business and financial systems

The key is to take action as soon as signs of cash flow or other problems start to become significant. Hoping for the best or that things will just ‘turn around’ invariably just delays the inevitable.

If you have observed any of these early warning signs please call us on 03 9818 8800 and make an appointment to discuss your situation:

  • Ongoing cash flow difficulties
  • Mounting debt
  • Financial distress of any kind
  • Unexpected downturn in business difficult to recover from
  • Unexpected costs or expenses difficult to manage or recover from
  • Under performance in the market place

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