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Deed of Company Arrangement

Deed of Company Arrangement

A deed of company arrangement (DOCA) creates a binding agreement between a company and its creditors as to how the company must manage its affairs.

A deed of company arrangement will be drawn up as a result of a company entering voluntary administration.

Voluntary Administration

The goal of the deed of company arrangement is to provide the company with a manageable debt plan in the best interests of the stakeholders of the company and to avoid the necessity of the company going into liquidation. A deed of company arrangement usually offers a larger return to its creditors in respect of their outstanding debts than could be achieved from liquidating the company.

It is the responsibility of the deed administrator to ensure that a company adheres to the steps and agreements laid out in a deed of company arrangement. The deed administrator is usually the appointed voluntary administrator, subject to the resolution of the company’s creditors.

Our directors have had significant success as a result of their years of experience in administering companies resulting in deed of company arrangements.

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What happens to creditor claims during the period of a deed of company arrangement?

Debts incurred prior to the company entering voluntary administration will be subject to the terms of the deed of company arrangement.

Every deed of company arrangement is unique and will stipulate the terms and agreements for resolving creditor claims.

The deed of company arrangement will bind all unsecured creditors regardless of whether or not they voted to accept the deed of company arrangement or not.

Any debts incurred by a company after it has executed a deed of company arrangement from its ongoing trading are not subject to the terms of the deed and should be met in the ordinary course of the company’s ongoing trading.

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